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1) Introduction


Computer programmer and Systems Analyst since 1992 who now designs and constructs custom client-server databases and web applications that communicate with mobile handheld devices. I enforce quality assurance in agile development shops with concise statements of work, comprehensive system and unit test plans, solid user acceptance criteria and meticulous change control. Code samples of HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, SQL, Flash Actionscript and Android Java are available upon request.


2) Most Recent Work

- Partner Data Forge Exchange 2015 to present
- PHP/MySQL/ReST API programmer for Money Ruins Everything 2015 to present
- Web Master for CanyonCult, The Kingbees, Anthony Skordi, Design Atelier, Jim Dowd Carpentry, Sylvia Salazar Simpson 2013 to present
- Technology Consultant at Office Depot. 2013 to present
- On call IT support at Bic Legal Service 2015 to present
- SpiderOnFire: Chief Engineer of Augmented Reality social network 2012 to present
- Graff-It, Inc., Android Team Lead for startup internet company 2011-2012.
- Tech Blog
- Published Google Play apps now offered for free after turning a profit in 2010.

3) Work samples



4) Executive Summary


Creating production software from vaporware,  I have built and implemented two start-up social, e-commerce and business networks for the Android mobile and desktop computers. Utilizing Eclipse, Android Studio, PHP, MySQL and ReST web services exchanging JSON, my latest solo project is an augmented reality social network that has over 30,000 downloads from Google Play. Click: W.A.R. on Google Play.  In total, I have published 18+ Android apps. Click: Independent Agent .


Expertise:  Following the system development life cycle (SDLC) to implement  browser and mobile user interfaces, client-server-database processing, e-commerce shopping algorithms, accounting system interfaces, batch reporting, ad-hoc decision support systems, data mining tools, database storage, disaster recovery et. al.  All the systems significantly reduced operating costs, generated revenue and provided entertainment.  Moreover, my implementations include ad-hoc reporting and data analysis tools for balancing raw data back to formatted end-user reports and screens. 

Computer Languages:   PHP, SQL, Android Java, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, Flash ActionScript 3.0, HTML5, Perl, Python, C/C++, Visual Basic, Cobol, JCL, IBM AS, Easytrieve, Fortran, Lotus/Excel Macros, REXX, DYL-280, C-List, IBM Assembler

Development Tools: Android SDK, Ant, Android Studio/Gradle, Eclipse, Gliffy (flow charts), Wordpress, Google/Paypal Sandbox, Oracle 11g Express, Zend PHP/Apache server, Flash CS5, HTML5, MySQL Workbench, XAMPP, LAMP, WAMP, Windows 7 Phone SDK, Visual Studio,  Dreamweaver, Fireworks, PHPAdmin, Maya, GIMP, Scribus, Expeditor, ISPF, Dark Basic game programming

Databases: MySQL, SQLite, DB2, Oracle, Access, Filemaker, Palm

Operating Systems:  Android, Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Chrome OS, Palm, MVS/ESA

Commercial Positions:  Android Team Lead, Independent Mobile App Developer, IT Consultant, Mainframe Warranty Systems Manager, Vehicle ApplicationsTeam Lead Developer, Insurance and Financial Systems Analyst, Commercial Credit Analyst, Help Desk Lead, Auto Service Technician, California Health and Life Insurance Agent



Widespread Augmented Reality

Sole developer of the Android and desktop browser app for geotagging and sharing points of interest through the mobile camera app at Google Play Store


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